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award winners 

12th Annual Heritage Film Festival's Outstanding Student Filmmakers

9th Annual Heritage Film Festival’s 

Outstanding Student Filmmakers

Students from five Maryland student filmmaker programs received “Promising Filmmaker” certificates and awards from the 9th Annual Heritage Film Festival.

Unhinged by Montana Monardes

Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Ms. Kathleen McGlew, teacher.

A Hidden Existence by The Gandhi Brigade Youth Media, Ms. Amy Tasillo, teacher.

Stereotypes by Jamal Samuels

The Theater Tech Program, Joe's Movement Emporium,

Mr. Tewodross Melchishua and Mr. Anthony Henderson, teachers. (Jamal is also a student at High Road Academy.)

Tech Dream by Ivett Garmendez

Northwestern High School, Mr. Andre Lee, teacher.

Bullying by Kayla Watson

Suitland High School, Mr. Richard McGhee, teacher.

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