Preliminary Information for The 2021 Heritage Film Festival 

This year the Heritage Film Festival is a FREE month long online event (21 October - 17 November 2021) proceeded by monthly screenings of films from the 2020 Festival. During the Festival, and the Pre-Festival, some of the Directors will discuss their films and entertain questions about their work. 
The format for this year's Festival is as follows: 


Pre-Festival TEASERS 

For each of the three months before the Festival, films from the 2020 Heritage Film Festival will screen. Each of these one-time screenings will feature one or more films, followed by a Q&A with the Director(s) and a Moderator who will discuss the film(s) with the Director(s). 

Heritage Film Festival TEASER Schedule: July 22 - September 23, 2021
Free Registration for TEASER screenings:  https://www.pgcmls.info/heritagefilm

Heritage Film Festival TEASER Schedule:

July 22 - September 23, 2021

Free Registration for TEASER screenings:


TEASER #1: Making Soppressata with Dom and the Guys (14:30 mins).

A group of men continue the 100-year-old family tradition of making a cured dry sausage typical of Basilicata, Apulia, and Calabria. 

TEASER #2:  Coronavirus 2020  (30:00 mins)
PGCC student Keith Young presents a timely, thought provoking, down to earth documentary that shares the thoughts and fears many have about the pandemic.

TEASER #3: Still Water Runs Deep (15 mins)              
A father's concealed emotions begin to stir when he is faced with the portent of a missing son.

TEASER #4    
4 films & 4 Directors/Moderator: KJ Mohr

Date: Thursday, September  23, 2021, 7 p.m.

Message Received (5:25 mins)
Erica Boston instructor/director; B-Roll Media & Arts Inc)
When Lauren learns her crush is into her, she takes a risk.

Rethink (4:06 mins)

Director: Shree Ruttala

A young student encourages us to consider the link between advanced technology and food waste — and to work to make a difference.

From Shanghai to Harlem (5:16 mins)

Director: Sylvia Wong Lewis

A Harlem born and Brooklyn raised woman explores her Black and Chinese, Southern and Caribbean family's (im)migration story.

RAIN Up-CLOSE (3:21 mins)

Director: Louise Fleming
Torrential downpours. Steady drizzle. Cascading droplets. The meditative nuances of rain...


2021 Heritage Film Festival, October 21 - November 17, 2021 

FREE Registration for the 16th Annual Heritage Film Festival
October 21 - November 17, 2021 - opens on September 21, 2021 at: