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18th Annual Heritage Film Festival

Week Four 

December 14 to December 20, 2023

Obsesión: My Song

Director: Catherine Murphy USA/9:46 mins.

Havana Hip Hop Duo Obsesión talks about their work and philosophy of life and music.


Piss on Patriarchy

Director: Lena Fakler Germany/9.32

Marie is driving on the highway and really needs to pee. An increasingly absurd and toxic male environment begins for Marie - and ends in blood. Warning: mature content.


Mariposa Ancestral Memory

Director: Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet USA/30.00 Using stunning visuals, music, performance, and dance, interdisciplinary artist-writer-curator, and Fulbright scholar Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet presents an experimental documentary that reminds us that the experiences of people in places as different as Cuba, Mexico, the African Continent and United States are more related than we may think.


Paws Off!

École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA) France /5.26

Directors: Anne-Lise ADAIN/Thelma BASLÉ/ Clémentine FERRER/ Emma JAKUBIAK/Cécile MEYNCKENS/Matthieu POUMEYROL/Mathilde THOLLIEZ

Two unwanted passengers - a thief and a mouse - create trouble in a train that is hostile to them.



Directors: Morgan Middleton, Charlie Driscoll USA/6.25

In a powerful exploration of racial and health disparities, classical music takes center stage when a father and son confront the ominous figure of Der Erlkönig, the whisperer of death.


Bury the Hatchet

Director: Herman Rosales USA/8.23

After being kept secret for generations, a vindictive spirit is released and seeks revenge on the woman who gave him a cursed tarot reading that he believes killed his family.


Hidden Memories

Director: Jacqueline Alane Frazier USA/9.59

A young woman who becomes pregnant has to decide whether to have the child alone or choose a scholarship to a prestigious college.



Director: Kristen Wolf USA/19.40 A non-binary child struggles to find the perfect Father's Day gift for their disapproving dad.


The Old Young Crow

Director:Liam LoPinto Japan/12.00

An Iranian boy befriends an old Japanese woman at a graveyard in Tokyo.

Week Three 

December 7 to December 14, 2023

unspoken conversations

Director: Iman Uqdah Hameen USA/24.00 mins.

unspoken conversation explores the world of two artists -- a jazz musician husband, and a stay-at-home mom and wife -- who struggle to make their worlds mesh when she decides to return to college.


Birds of the Air

Director: Giselle Muse USA/11.30

It’s supposed to be Shar's first day presenting as a woman in public. But she’s not out to her family yet.


If We Were All Angels

Director:Sebastian Rothfuss Germany/15.35

At the end of World War II, a French resistance fighter captures a German medic to save his son.



École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA) /France/4.59/France

Directors: Lola ALONSO/ Arthur F0RNAR/ Cosmin GEANGU/ Océane PAPET /Yoann PARDO/ Sylvain RODRIGUEZ/Clément TERRAS /Damien VALES

An interesting allegory of desire between an artist and her creation.


Interception: Jayne Kennedy American Sportscaster

Director: Safiya Songhai USA/15.00 When a bronze-skin bombshell rocks the world of Sunday Morning Football, millions tune in... but few know the tumultuous story of Jayne Kennedy, the first Black woman to boldly run interception on the racial lines of American sportscasting.

Cai Lun's Key: How the Kam People Preserved the Earliest Papermaking

Director: Marie Anna Lee USA/25.00

An art professor and her students apprentice with Kam minority artisans deep in the mountains of southwest China to learn early papermaking technology.

The Grey Town/Director

Justin Smothers USA/27.17

See what happens when a young traveling couple decides to stop in an American town that hasn't evolved . From their travel comes a story that many have never heard but have always felt. Selected as Heritage Film Festival's 2023 Judges' Favorite!


École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA) /France/4.59

Directors: Marylou BORT/Mathilde BOURGES/Hugo FLORIN/Jeremy GUIBERT / Valentine MINIOT/Vincent NOGUES/Axel PRUKOP/Pierre SEGONDS

What if a goat ended the Mayan civilization?

Week Two 

November 30 to December 7, 2023

Swing to the Moon

École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA) /France/6.40 mins.

Directors: BORDESSOULE Marie/ BOUISSIE Adriana/ DE BOER Nadine/ DRIQUE Elisa/LAUZU Chloé/ LEVRERO Vincent/MOREAU Solenne

Living in the forest, little spider Temi dreams of catching the Moon. For that, she will do anything.

Thru the Frame

Director: Sarah Nash USA/17.13

A ballet dancer who needs an instructor and a friend finds both in Harriet, a woman who lives in a photograph.

Walk Thru

Director: Louise V. Fleming USA/5:03

Up close imagery captures a rich palette of shapes, textures and colors that might otherwise be overlooked in this routine walk through city streets.


Director: Yebin Sim Republic of Korea/6.45

Snap takes place in a Korean household where young Jisoo is the victim of online grooming. For more information:


Wide Angle Youth Media USA/12.40

A student moans the passing of a good friend while dealing with an unhealthy relationship.

The Draft

École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA) France/5.48

Directors: DANA Amaury/DELBOS Luc/DESCLAUX Emeline/JOUSSET Sébastien,/MOQUET Alice, REMARK Thé/TADDIA Raphaël/ VIATGÉ Arthur

In a faraway castle, a doctor gives life to a creature he stitched together from corpses.

Tree of Artemis

Director Malachi Johnson USA/18.25

While hiking through the woods with her family, Artemis encounters "Mother of Earth" and realizes the true power of nature and how it is connected to the human spirit.

Layne Garrett: Long Long Long Long

Director: H. Paul Moon. USA/6.04

Layne Garrett, a sound artist who creates instruments with unusual objects, performs and ponders the physicality of noise, the innocence of a child's ears, and the value of participatory music.


Director: Jia Zhao China/4.26

A poet travels through landscapes that are like poems and paintings, understanding his dreams and looking for his transcendence.

Waiting for Galdot

Directors: Sheri Ratik Stroud, Daryll Davis, E. Stuelke, Mark Ricche, Catherine Bobalek


Reality clashes with the metaverse, when seven employees gathering for a celebratory end of year Chinese dinner have their lives upended, when their fortune cookies begin controlling their fate.


The Sound of Light

École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA) /France/5.51

Directors: De ARAUJO Julia /FAGOT Coline /HUBO Marine/ LUCINUS Laura /REMER Alice/ RENAUD Lisa / MANGEOT Chloé

It's Mardi Gras in 70s New Orleans and a 13-year-old saxophonist uses music and the help of a friendly spirit to discover his new city.

Week One 

November 23 to November 30, 2023


All For You

Director: Dawn Reavis  

USA/14.27 mins 

A career-driven daughter and her resolute mother clash over conflicting priorities and learn how far they're willing to go for the sake of love.

Director: Rebecca Mlinek       
USA/18.01 mins.

A groundskeeper vies against her accomplished brother for control of her house, until a mysterious cat appears to tip the balance.



Director: Alyscia Cunningham   

USA/12.50 mins.

After a horrific encounter with a stranger, two friends -- one blind and the other deaf -- use their senses to defend themselves from a robbery gone wrong. 



École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA)

France/5:40 mins.  Director: Clar BIGACHEI/Laurent CHAVALLE /Julie CHENE /Thibault CHOPINET/Armand GAUCHERON/Alexis LHEUREUX/Maxime PRONE

A birthday party escalates when a toad, who perceives life in a cute and colorful way, meets a paranoiac fly.


The Koda-Chrome (W)rapper

Director: Willy Conley  

USA/24:24 mins.

A deaf single mother finds herself having trouble bonding with her teenaged, hearing son who is a KODA (Kid of Deaf Adults).


Iluminando Las Aguas

Director: Raul Moarquech Ferrera   

USA/4.50 mins.

Using music and dance, this film celebrates relationships, memory, tradition and happiness.


Covskate episode 1

Directors: Hakim Woods, Jaidan Hines 

USA/8.22 mins.

Shot on an Android - not on an IPhone.- this film crates a  New Jersey to Philly skate film during the Covid 19 pandemic.



École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques (ESMA)

France/5:52 mins.

Directors: Guillaume BEGUIN /Brice ESQUER/Nathalie HURTAK/Noemie LAYRE/Serena LONGO/Leon ROUSSEAU/Allan SAVARIT-BODIN /Clement WALLEZ

Fascinated by an inhospitable world that hurts him, a man has to face his sufferings to find his place.



Directors: Nofisat Almaroof, Karisma Jay                  USA/19:55 mins.

Consumed by ballet, Afro-Punk, and futuristic style, the last thing on Nia's mind is her hair.


I Heard A Word

Director Marilyn McNeal                                USA/1:35 mins

In this short essay a poet shares her journey towards a healthier state of being.

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