Rethink (Shree Ruttala)          4:06
A young student encourages us to consider the link between advanced technology and food waste —and to work to make a difference.

HANDS UP DON'T SHOOT!!! (Myles Banks)      7:00
This impassioned documentary follows students as they express their concerns about current events while confronting the local police.

Coronavirus 2020 (Keith Young)       30:00
PGCC student Keith Young presents a timely, thought provoking, down to earth documentary that shares the thoughts and fears many have about the current pandemic.

PG-13 (David Owens)           10:16
This episode of a series chronicles the real-life experiences of Prince George's County scholar-athletes as they balance their sport, academics, home life, recruiting, and family.

Diana (Lorenzo Olson )           8:00
An unemployed video game designer is contacted by her dream employer. She goes in for an interview and the situation quickly takes a bizarre turn.

Three Days on the Future Generations Ride, 2019     6:26
Four Students (Fronda White, 12,  Jessie Porras, 11, Kia Kills Crow, 13) from Standing Rock Reservation in South Dakota documented their three-day participation in the 2019 Future Generations Ride.

Keep the Change (Alan Ramsay)           9:23
A pizza delivery guy encounters bizarre customers and deals with his demanding boss while he awaits his date at the end of the day.

The Paradigm Shift(s) (Gandhi Brigade Youth Media)         14:00
Seven high school students (Auzinea Bacon, Andre Bamba, Grace Bamba, Aaliyah Dickson, Ribka Tesfaye, Jessica Theis, Trevor White) create a film that shows  that the future is good.

The Perfect Student Film (Jerred King)          13:08
A film student who wants to be a director receives unexpected assistance from a "Filming God Mother."

Message Received (Erica Boston instructor/director; B-Roll Media & Arts Inc)     5:25

When Lauren learns her crush is into her, she takes a risk.

Identity Pie (Wide Angle Youth Media)          1:55

Everyone has an identity that is intersectional, but what would happen if we started embracing that fact?

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