past programs

THURSDAY, 17 APRIL 2014 • 6 PM

Welcome and Opening Remarks by Festival Director O.F. Makarah

Nature • Waterfall - Ann Kaneko • Graphics by Peter Bill. These two videos are part of the Out the Window bus project. 2 min loop •

Ultragirl/Vise - Alan Haley. Ultra Girl, with her super powers, teams up with crime fighter Vise. 1.5 min •

Butt Shakers • Last Gathering of the Sioux Nation • Alfred Hitchcock's Home Movies. From Amateur Night. 13 min •

Dwight Swanson, Center for Home Movies, joined other filmmakers and the audience for a Q&A and reception after the screenings.

Black Canary - Chris H. Lynn. This short experimental film blends the soothing voice of Una Lee reciting text by Peter Wullen in an ode to the passing of time and seasons. 1.5 min •

1501 Curson Ave - Imelda Sheen. A sunny afternoon art class yields surprises for the models and artists. 10 min •

Ask a Slave: Season 1 (webisodes 1, 2, and 3) – Azie Mira Dungey. This award-winning web series, created by and starring Azie Mira Dungey, uses the past in the present to give a satirical view of American history. 12 min.

Odd Shirttails of Cornell's Life - Caveh Zahedi. The filmmaker layers archival footage over a telephone conversation with a well known director to create a sad but funny film about looking into Joseph Cornell's career. 3 min.

Superman/Birds — Richard Schellenberg. The video involves a re-creation of a dream Schellenberg had as a young boy, coupled with other significant events later in his life. 3 min

Fly the Flag – Paul Shortt. This video is Shortt’s attempt to get the American flag to fly at full mast. 3 min

Phil Davis, Acting Director of Brentwood Arts Exchange, recommends these two award-winning shorts from the recent All Screened Video Fest.

Fire - Pat Doyen. Abstract imagery with distorted scanner dialogue about guns and gun violence slowly comes into focus to show fire ants swarming. 5 min.

The Land of Healthy Smiles - S. Torriano Berry. Children and grown-ups benefit from this animated short about dental care. 5 min.

The Qigong Series - Ann Kaneko. The Chinese practice of energy cultivation is demonstrated in these multilingual shorts. Suggested by Freewaves' Out the Window bus project. 5 min.

Count on Me Music Video - Montana Monardes. This lively interpretation of Bruno Mars’ hit song will leave you smiling. 3.5 min.


april 4-5

Fri, Apr 4. 7pm

The Bet by Malia Murray (2007) 6 mins.

Boyds Negro School: Historic Lives by Ric Wagner (2004) 8 min. excerpt

Black History by Olatokunbo Betiku (2008) 4 mins.

Iceland by Fabienne Gautier (2006) 4 mins.

Look at Me by Jason Stefaniak (2008) 11 mins.

Ink Trouble by Chris Swanson (2007) 2 mins.

How to Prepare for a High School Reunion (1992) 8 mins

by Steven Saul Rothblatt

The Pursuit by DeAndré Vidale (2007) 10 mins.

Both by Brandy Baker (2007) 2 mins.

Diego by Matthew Brown (2006) 5 mins.

Vile Beast by Matthew Everton (2007) 2 mins.

Dracula’s Mother by Paul Awad & Kathryn O’Sullivan (2007) 15 mins.

FL354 by Yi Chen (2007) 10 mins.

Observation of a Satellite by Andrew Busti & Layne Garrett 4 mins.

Waving the Flag by Sheila M. Sofian (2006) 4 mins.

The Wombat 3000 by Brett Rapp (2007) 2 mins.

Panel Discussion & Reception with the Directors

rennie forum, prince george's community college

Sat, Apr 5. 2pm - Student Program

Kids on the Hill (Baltimore, Maryland)

GAVA/GATE Animation from MisterGeo's Animation Class

Greenbelt, Maryland

Dawnette Samuels (Bowie, Maryland)

Filmsters Academy (Annapolis, Maryland)

Savannah College of Art and Design (Georgi

Panel Discussion & Reception with the Directors

Sat, Apr 5. 7pm

Mom’s Day Off by Rose Jarvis (2008) 6 mins.

France 1: The Divers of Saint Marlo by Christopher Lynn (2008) 5 mins.

Vanishing Lands: The Future of the Pennsylvania Dutch

Leena Jayaswal & Nada Tomisova (2006) 18 mins.

April 10, 2006 by Eunice Lee (2006) 3 mins.

Welcome to the Neighborhood by Scott Johnson (2007) 11 mins.

Born to Win by Trey Hock (2007) 15 mins.

OFFLINE by Jon Gann (2007) 7 mins.

The Father by Faraday Okoro (2008) 13 mins.

Wanting by Eve Luckring (1998) 9 mins.

Color Conscious by Cheraine Stanford (2005) 3 mins.

Wasabi by Dong Soo Shin (2007) 4 mins.

Winter by Mar Elepano (1984) 3 mins.

Panel Discussion & Reception with the Directors