Opening titles & music: Pier Marton

Closing music - courtesy of Catherine Murphy

Closing titles: Gina Lamb

Streaming Platform courtesy of Prince George's County Memorial Library System (PGCMLS)


2020 Heritage Film Festival

Looking to the Future/Honoring the Past


Thank you for joining us for this year's Heritage Film Festival. We hope you enjoyed the show!


Since its founding in 2005, The Heritage Film Festival in Largo, Maryland, has showcased short films by independent filmmakers. The Festival is an annual, FREE, volunteer-run, locally organized, community event that offers a unique opportunity for independent filmmakers and lovers of great films to view outstanding short films by local, national, and international directors. This year, due to the pandemic, The Heritage Film Festival is online. However, it is still FREE!


In keeping with the philosophy of the Festival, instead of requesting paid admission to the Festival, we encourage you to donate non-perishable food items or to volunteer at a local food pantry.


We also encourage you to share photographs of you and your love ones watching the Festival  so we can include them in our archives and on our website. Please email your photos to






Special Thanks


Ethel Lewis, Gina Lamb, Pier Marton, Rhonda Dallas & the staff of the Prince George's Arts & Humanities Council; Jack Gerbes, Maryland Film Office; Nicholas Brown & the staff of the Prince George's County Memorial Library; Ennis Allen and the Humanities Division of Prince George's Community College; Miss Trenia, The Do/Did Girls, Ms. Farmer, Pierre Walcott,  Alyscia Cunningham, Louise Fleming, Mimi Machado-Luces, Catherine Murphy, Ellen Quackenbos, H. H-Magobet and Negro Women Warriors, KJ Mohr, Ann Lemon, Robin Poponne, Lanna Galloway, The Anonymous Director's Circle;  Zenobia Shepherd, Daphne Driskell-Cole, Rodney Moore, JoAnna Raczynska, Allison Peil, Ken Marchionno, Ada M. Babineaux, Ola Betiku, Esan the Producer, and Robert Barshay.



Most of all, Special Thanks and Best Wishes to The residents of Prince George's County Maryland, Because WE WILL SURVIVE THIS TOO!!!

This year’s Heritage Film Festival is dedicated to two beloved members of

the Prince George’s County community who died from COVID-19:


Leilani Jordan

October 22, 1992 - April 1, 2020 


Dr. David C. Driskell

June 7, 1931 - April 1, 2020 

" She said, ‘Mommy, I’m going to work because no one else is coming in early to help the senior citizens,’” her mother, Zenobia Shepherd, said in an interview. “She wanted to help anybody she came in contact with. And, her customers have been calling me to tell me, ‘thank you.’”







Learn more about Dr. David C. Driskell:





The Heritage Film Festival is a project of IN VISIBLE COLORS and 6Hearts in partnership with

Prince George's Arts and Humanities Council, The Maryland Film Office,

Prince George's County Memorial Library System,

and Prince George's Community College.

The Festival is supported in part by

Maison de Jacqui, The Anonymous Director's Circle,

The Creative Edge Collaborative,

local vendors and volunteers.


Always Dedicated to my Mom - my first and best teacher!