past programs

THURSDAY, 17 APRIL 2014 • 6 PM

Welcome and Opening Remarks by Festival Director O.F. Makarah

Nature • Waterfall - Ann Kaneko • Graphics by Peter Bill. These two videos are part of the Out the Window bus project. 2 min loop •

Ultragirl/Vise - Alan Haley. Ultra Girl, with her super powers, teams up with crime fighter Vise. 1.5 min •

Butt Shakers • Last Gathering of the Sioux Nation • Alfred Hitchcock's Home Movies. From Amateur Night. 13 min •

Dwight Swanson, Center for Home Movies, joined other filmmakers and the audience for a Q&A and reception after the screenings.

Black Canary - Chris H. Lynn. This short experimental film blends the soothing voice of Una Lee reciting text by Peter Wullen in an ode to the passing of time and seasons. 1.5 min •

1501 Curson Ave - Imelda Sheen. A sunny afternoon art class yields surprises for the models and artists. 10 min •

Ask a Slave: Season 1 (webisodes 1, 2, and 3) – Azie Mira Dungey. This award-winning web series, created by and starring Azie Mira Dungey, uses the past in the present to give a satirical view of American history. 12 min.

Odd Shirttails of Cornell's Life - Caveh Zahedi. The filmmaker layers archival footage over a telephone conversation with a well known director to create a sad but funny film about looking into Joseph Cornell's career. 3 min.

Superman/Birds — Richard Schellenberg. The video involves a re-creation of a dream Schellenberg had as a young boy, coupled with other significant events later in his life. 3 min

Fly the Flag – Paul Shortt. This video is Shortt’s attempt to get the American flag to fly at full mast. 3 min

Phil Davis, Acting Director of Brentwood Arts Exchange, recommends these two award-winning shorts from the recent All Screened Video Fest.

Fire - Pat Doyen. Abstract imagery with distorted scanner dialogue about guns and gun violence slowly comes into focus to show fire ants swarming. 5 min.

The Land of Healthy Smiles - S. Torriano Berry. Children and grown-ups benefit from this animated short about dental care. 5 min.

The Qigong Series - Ann Kaneko. The Chinese practice of energy cultivation is demonstrated in these multilingual shorts. Suggested by Freewaves' Out the Window bus project. 5 min.

Count on Me Music Video - Montana Monardes. This lively interpretation of Bruno Mars’ hit song will leave you smiling. 3.5 min.


april 25-27 south bowie library

Thurs, Apr 25. 6pm

Opening Ceremonies & Screening

The Future by Venetia Taylor, 15 minutes

A satirical look at a young couple contemplating marriage.

Chinatown by Yi Chen, 26 minutes

The impact of gentrification in Chinatown on the daily lives of its residents is documented over the course of a year.

Just Another Part of Life by Shauntay Cherry, 15 mins

A young woman is successful in many ways, except in love...

In Infinity by MOS Funnel, 4 mins

A rocking piano and whimsical visuals highlight this music video from MOS Funnel Hot Planet (vol 1.) Mercurial Saloon. Edited by Blake Spencer.

Greenbelt 75th University Animation Special by George Kochell, 16 mins.

A two-year, youth produced project celebrating Greenbelt's 75th anniversary incorporates dimensional table-top sets with layered Adobe Flash animation.

Voices From Within: Walk in My Story by Joy Haynes, Ellie Walton, 10 mins

A charming video diary by a long term resident of Saint Elizabeth’s in D.C.

Basquiat: Meditations on Self Immolation by Floyd Webb, 7 mins

Brilliantly inventive as he protests to the spirit of Jean Michel Basquiat for leaving us at so young an age.

A Rolling Mind by Chris Lynn, 3 mins

Audio visual rhythms and restless abstractions create a space for inner reflections in Chris Lynn's collaboration with sound artist Una Lee from South Korea.

Wave by Brian Bullock, 6 mins

A preview of the documentary on the legendary Tony "Mr. Wave" Wesley, who went from a kid in the Bronx to an international B-Boy superstar.

Fri, Apr 26. 2pm

Special Presentation: Media, Activism & Education: The Legacy of the L.A. Rebellion

Rich, 1982 by S.Torriano Berry, 22 mins

An African American youth battles for self-determination as a convergence of forces attempt to shuttle him toward a future of lowered expectations on the day of his high school graduation.

Sis Anna, 2012 by Sherelle Williams and Cheryl Lewis Hawkins, 15 minutes

This documentary focuses on Dr. Anna Julia Cooper, an educator, scholar and visionary who fought for her students' access to higher education.

5 films by Ben R. Caldwell: 2 short films about music (Get Bizzy with rapper Ellaykhule, and LA BUENA VITA with Medusa/and Project Blowed), and 3 short films about the green movement and art in Los Angeles (Green Art 1 &2, and Seeds of Carver) with Tim and Adonjahn.

After the screenings, Williams joins moderator Venetia L. Lambert in a discussion on the legacy of the L.A. Rebellion, with movement members S. Torriano Berry and O.Funmilayo Makarah. The L.A. Rebellion refers to filmmakers who emerged from the graduate film school at UCLA "with a body of provocative and visionary works that would have a radical impact on black cinematic practice and alternative filmmaking in the U.S."

Sat, Apr 27. 2pm - Student Program

Student Films & Awards Presentation

Justin in Webland 7 mins. by Angie Minot Filmsters Academy, Annapolis, MD

Mr. Andre Lee's students

Northwestern High School, Hyattsville, MD

The Possible Victim of DUI- your Beloved by Beniani Tasew Kassamun 3 mins

Northwestern Senior Harlem Shake by Jhonathan Umazor 1:30 mins

Visual Performance Promo for Northwestern H.S. by Eric Villatoro 5:30 mins

Mr. Richard McGhee's Students

Suitland High School

Forestville, MD Square-Up by Justin Penamon 59 sec Jordan 23s by Mariah Allen 1 min

Cheez-It by Aalim Turner (9th grade) 1 min

Bruteus by Marterrio Fuller 1 min

The MJ Promo byTeQia Morse (11th grade) 1 min

Hitman by Dominick Young 1 min

Nike by Justin Smothers 1 min

Brownie Thief by Lontrese Simmons 1 min

Arrival by Nathaniel Tate 1 min

Super Powers by Omar DeBrew 4 mins

Prince George's Community College/University of MD

Ms. Kathleen McGlew's Students

Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Greenbelt, Maryland

Teen Depression by Joshua Eggleston (12th grade) 3 min High School Sports Concussion PSA by Darius Faison 42 sec Breakfast PSA by Montana Monardes 1 min

Haunted by Montana Monardes (11th grade) 6 mins

Ride Sally Ride: Reaching for the Stars by Davis Collison (8th grade) 11:22 mins

University School of Milwaukee

Love = Love by Eboni Garner and Marcus Bullock 3 mins Largo High School, Upper Marlboro High School

Mister Geo's Animation Students GAVA/GATE Animation Class

Greenbelt Access Television, Inc. Greenbelt, Maryland

Ocean View - 00:26 secs

Life in the Office (both by) Isaiah Moten - Home-School Class 00:35 secs

The Magician by Jordan Williams - Home-School Class (about 30 secs)

Sumo Wrestlers by Anthony Hamm, Jr. - Independent Study (maybe a minute or two)

Sponge Bob: The Book by Christian Winters - Home-School Class 00:38 secs

Valentine's Day - Kailah Clark - Winter Pathways Class 00:40 secs

Q & A and Reception with the Filmmakers after each screening.

We encourage you to bring non-perishable food items to each program for donation to a local food pantry, The Bowie

Interfaith Pantry and Emergency Aid Fund.

Special Thanks

Venetia L. Lambert

Pierre Walcott

S. Torriano Berry

Ben R. Caldwell

Sherelle Williams

Brian Bullock

Miss Trenia

The Do/Did Girls

Rushern L. Baker III, County Executive

Ethel Lewis

Jacqueline Farmer

Carla Jasper

George Kochell

Prince George's County Memorial Library System

Evelyn Tchiyuka

Marsha Quarles

Jo Ellen Sarff

Terry Stakem

Largo-Kettering Library Staff

The South Bowie Library Staff

Dedicated to Ms. A., Alicia Watts Anderson,

and Jamaa Fanaka (1942 - 2012) filmmaker and member of the L.A. Rebellion

The Heritage Film Festival is a project of

IN VISIBLE COLORS in partnership with The Prince George's County Memorial Library System and The Creative Edge Studio Collaborative. The Student Film Program is sponsored in part by The Prince George's Arts and Humanities Council.

Additional Support provided by

Maison de Jacqui, Best Buy Lanham, BJ's Wholesale Club

Capitol Heights, Wegman's Lanham, Office Depot Bowie,

Staples Campus Way Largo, Shopper's Food Warehouse Landover, Pepsi Beverage Company Capitol Heights and local vendors.